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Below is a summary of the changes related to COVID-19 effective Monday, March 21, 2022 in Hamilton.


We will follow the guidance from the Province. Wearing masks to gymnastics for Gymnasts and Parents will no longer be mandatory.

Hamilton Gymnastic Academy Staff will still be required to wear a mask while onsite for at least two more weeks (April 4th) at which time this rule will be reevaluated.

People are welcome to continue to mask if that’s what they choose. We would like to remind everyone that Canada’s Top Doctors recommend the wearing of masks to protect against increased transmission and any new variants. Many of our younger students are not old enough to be vaccinated and are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19.


We will continue to complete the Health Screening for Gymnasts and Staff online. We have found this requirement to be beneficial in many ways, and will continue to use it well beyond all COVID restrictions being lifted. It is important that people actively think about whether or not they are healthy enough to participate in physical activity or come in to work. The automated emails also are a good reminder of when your child has class, and is a great way for us to track your child’s attendance.


We will follow the guidance from the Province and no longer enforce social distancing. This means we can go back to spotting gymnasts. Spotting is our best tool to keep the kids safe and give confidence to our gymnasts.


Our Viewing Area is Completely Open. Please keep in mind our Viewing Area is small. Please try to keep the number of Parents down to one per gymnast. Food and Drink will now be allowed in the Viewing Area.

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