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Important Reminders

(Updated July 27, 2023)

Gymnastics is a sport, and like all sports, involves some risk. In order to minimize that risk, it is important that safety rules are followed. Please take some time to remind your child to listen to their coaches and follow all safety rules.

Arrival: Please make sure that your child arrives no later than 5 minutes before the start of their class.

Supervision: Children are NOT permitted on the gymnastic apparatus unless supervised by a certified Hamilton Gymnastic Academy instructor.

Parents: Parents are not permitted in the gym unless attending a Parent and Tot class (one parent per child) or are invited by the supervising coach. Parents are welcome to watch their child(ren) from the designated viewing area at any time.

Parent & Tot Classes: Please only send one Parent (guardian) with your child each week. We understand that the same Guardian may not come each week. If you do send someone else one week, please have them give your coach their name and phone number for insurance purposes. No strap on baby carriers (front or back) in the gym. If you bring an infant sibling in the gym, they must be in a car seat.

Viewing Area: The viewing area is the only place that you can view your child(ren)’s class. Please do not stand in the doorways to the gym, or inside the gym as this creates congestion and distraction.

Photography and Recording: To protect every child’s/family’s privacy, no photography or recording of children is permitted during class. Parents may request from the supervisor to come in after their child’s class to take photos or record video.

Behaviour Guidelines: We believe that people are responsible for their actions. We respect each other and the environment. Honesty will be the basis for all relationships and interactions. We will care for ourselves and those around us.

Discipline- All children will be under the “three strike” policy. If a child misbehaves, that child will be sat out of an activity for one turn. If the child is sat out three times during a class they will be asked to leave the class for the rest of the day. If a child is continually sent home they may be suspended from the program.

Attire: All children must wear suitable gym attire at all times during class; a body suit and/or form fitting shorts or leggings. Shorts or track pants and a T-shirt is also acceptable. No zippers, ballet skirts, crop tops or loose fitted clothing is permitted. Long hair must be tied back and no jewelry. Bare feet or gymnastic slippers in the gym, no socks please. If your child has warts on their hands or feet please ensure that it is covered and taped before your child comes to class to avoid spreading the virus to other athletes.

Not in the Gym: No food, or chewing gum is permitted in the gym. Please send your child with a filled Water Bottle (please only fill with water, no juice or sports drinks allowed). Outdoor footwear must be removed before entering the gym.

Absence Policy: The Hamilton Gymnastic Academy will give credit on account if a child misses 3 or more classes in a row due to illness or injury. Your Monthly Membership Fees will be placed on hold and no payments will be taken until your child is able to return to the program.

Make-Up Class Policy: There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes due to absence (see absence policy) or class cancellation. Unlike a dance class, we must keep our group numbers to a minimum (max 9) to ensure everyone gets a turn on the apparatus. We run 7 days a week, and our classes are typically full. Children are grouped by ability within those classes, and with the same coach each week to track their progress.

Weather Cancellation and Power Outages: If local schools are closed due to weather, daytime programs will be automatically cancelled. Should after school and weekend programs be cancelled, the Website and Social Media will be updated with cancellation information. If possible, attempts will also be made to inform participants through email. Unfortunately, there are no make- up classes or refunds for weather or power outage cancellations.

These rules will be strictly enforced as they ensure the safety of all of our children.
Thank you

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