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Recreational Parent Handbook

(Updated September 22, 2021)

To Our Members:

To our Members, In order to help you feel more comfortable dropping your child off to attend programs at the Hamilton Gymnastic Academy we are providing you with information on a variety of new Health and Safety Protocols that we have implemented. Our protocols are established based on Gymnastics Ontario Opening Protocols and the requirements from the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance: Recreational Indoor Facilities. Our programs are designed to have lower capacity, physical distancing, mandatory health screening, and enhanced facility cleaning/ sanitization. Please note all protocols are subject to change, as the situation arises. Please take your time to read through the following information. 

The gym will look a little different, when your child returns. The fountain is gone and has been replaced with a new hand wash station, we have plexiglass dividers in the lobby, a new washroom in the gym and there are physical distancing markers all over the gym to help us get around safely. Please take time to discuss these changes with your child, as well as reviewing what physically distancing is prior to your first visit back. Safety of our athletes and staff is our top priority.

At this point in time, we will not be allowing Parent’s into our viewing area. This area is currently being used for coaches and is too small to accommodate all the parents of the children in the gym. For children age 4 and older, it is key that children are bathroom independent, able to wash hands thoroughly, as well as get shoes and coats off and on without assistance. Parents, please send your child in slip on shoes or Velcro to make entering and exiting the building quick and easy. Any child who refuses or is unable to follow the rules after reasonable explanation from our staff will be asked to leave the program. Any child unable to toilet independently will be given a credit on their account so they can return at some point in the future. (see refund policies).

If you have any questions that are not addressed in this information package please send an email to

Carpooling: It is suggested that carpooling is limited. Only members of the same family (or those living together) should be in a vehicle together.

Drop Off:

Parents/guardians must remain at the club until the athlete has been given permission to enter the club. Please send only one parent/guardian for drop off. Do not bring siblings who are not enrolled in the class.

Please arrive 15 min before the start of class as it will take much longer for athletes to complete the new screening and hand washing protocols. You will need to wait outside the building in your vehicle if the previous class is still exiting.

Physical Distancing Outside of the Gym: Physical distancing markers will be placed outside of the entrance (you may only enter through the main door beside the front counter). Stand spaced apart at the markers as indicated. If the line exceeds the number of markers, please assume 2 meters between you and the next person in line.

Waiver Forms: Parents/Guardians will be required to complete the following forms, prior to dropping their child off at the gym: Facility Declaration (once online as part of registration), Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk (once online as part of registration), Daily Health Screening Checklist (to be filled out online through Uplifter, daily before coming to the gym).

Entrance Health Screening: Prior to arriving at the gym, all athletes and staff will complete a Daily Health Screening questionnaire on their Uplifter Account.  Simply log into your Uplifter Account and click the Policies Tab the morning before you attend gymnastics. Anyone who is unable to complete the Daily Health Screening at home, will be required to have their health check conducted on site prior to sign-in. The following screening questions will be asked:

HGA Health Screening Questions:

✅ Took Temperature/ No Fever Present

✅ No Cough

✅ No Difficulty Breathing/ or Shortness of Breath

✅ No Sore Throat or Difficulty Swallowing

✅ No Loss of Taste or Smell

✅ No Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain

✅ Has Not Travelled Outside of Canada in Past 14 Days

✅ Has not been identified as a close contact of someone who is confirmed as having Covid-19 by your local public health unit (or from the COVID Alert app if they have their own phone)? OR been directed to isolate?

If any of these symptoms or are present the athlete will not be allowed to enter the gym.

Illness: If you child is feeling ill, please do not bring them to the gym to help prevent the spread of the illness. Please contact to inform us that your child is ill. Athletes who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been in contact with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19, will not be allowed to attend gymnastics. Athletes who become symptomatic will be immediately separated from others in our designated supervised area. Extra precautions will be made to immediately sanitize any equipment used by the child. Parents/guardians will be contacted immediately and will be asked to pick their child up within 1-hour. Hamilton Public Health will be notified of all potential cases and further direction will be provided.

Parent Proof of Vaccination:

  • Parents/Guardians in our Parent and Tot programs and Parents/Guardians of our Private Lessons will need to provide Proof of Vaccination to enter the building.

What to bring to Gymnastics:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (mask that fits snuggly). Due to the Delta variant, and the fact that children under 12 cannot get vaccinated, we are asking all athletes to wear a mask while they train. Children in the Parent & Tot Program are exempt from wearing a mask while they train.
  • Have child dressed in gym clothes (change room will not be available at this time), shorts and t shirt are fine, bare feet or gymnastic slippers (no socks, jewelry,) hair must be tied back neatly.
  • Bring your own filled water bottle with your name clearly labelled (fountain is no longer available, it has been replaced with a hand wash station). Gymnasts will be allowed to carry their water bottles from event to event and will place them in the designated water bottle caddies when not in use. Please only fill bottle with water (no juice or sports drinks please).

Once your child enters the building:

Parents (except for Parent and Tot classes) will not be permitted inside the gym unless they need to speak with the coach or administration staff at the office. The viewing area is closed until further notice. If there is additional information you wish to share with your child’s coach please inform the sign-in staff or please email

Please make sure that we have your latest contact information on your Uplifter account if we need to contact you for any reason while your child is in class.

  • Staff: Coaches will be wearing masks while in the building and coaching. Staff have been trained in all the new rules and protocols of the gym
  • Increased Cleaning/Disinfecting/Sanitization: Our facility is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly numerous times each day, specifically before and after use by each class, as well as any time an athletes head or face has touched the equipment. All surfaces are sanitized using Vital Oxide approved to kill Covid-19 virus, including training equipment, washrooms, hand-hygiene stations and all high-traffic surfaces, such as entrances and exits. The gym has also secured 2 electro-static sprayers, which can sanitize all surfaces efficiently, ensuring excellent coverage. We utilize detailed cleaning tracker lists to confirm above-standard cleaning protocols.
  • Signage: Detailed signage explaining health and safety protocols have been posted throughout the facility to promote compliance. Signage includes child-friendly language to help increase understanding/education.
  • In the Lobby: Gymnasts will be directed by coaches to use the social distancing markers in the hallway. Shoes and belongings will be kept on the markers on the benches. Gymnasts will enter the gym through the entrance at the end of the hallway by the front desk.
  • Handwashing: Once in the gym, gymnasts will be directed to one of our 4 hand wash stations. Gymnasts must wash their hands upon entering the gym, , after washroom use, before and after nutrition breaks, and before exiting the gym.
  • Hygiene: All gymnasts, staff and visitors are encouraged to use proper hygiene etiquette, including sneezing and coughing into their elbows, discarding tissues in the garbage, or toilet – washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Personal Space: Gymnasts will use the physical distancing markers in the gym to travel safely around the gym. It is very important that everyone respects other people’s personal space. Gymnasts are encouraged to keep a distance from their team mates. We understand that they miss their friends and coaches, but no hugging or high fives. Instead we ask that they “air” high five to celebrate and say hello.
  • Fans: We will not be able to use the fans in the gym. They are at face height and can actually increase transmission of droplets, especially if someone is standing in front of them.
  • Warm Up: Gymnasts will then be directed to their first event. We will no longer have a mass group warm up on the floor. Gymnasts will warm up with their own group (8 maximum) at their first event on the physical distancing markers.
  • Hands Free Coaching: There will be no spotting for gymnastics skills at this time.
  • Reduced Numbers in the Gym: We will still maintain our group ratios of 8:2, but we will only have 4 groups at a time in the gym.
  • Equipment Changes: Certain equipment including ropes, soft material covered mats, carpeted beams, parachutes, ribbons, and bean bags will not be used at this time.
  • Lost and Found: We are not permitted to have a lost and found bin at this time. Any items left behind that do not have an identifiable owner will be discarded.

Pick Up:

Please arrive 10 minutes before the end of class to ensure that the children can exit the building as quickly as possible.

Parents please do not enter the gym for pick up. Stand on the physical distanced markers or wait outside your car.

  • Gymnasts will exit out both doors to speed up exiting the building.
  • Gymnasts will be lined on the physical distance markers in the gym and lobby.
  • Gymnasts will come to the exits one at a time after they have retrieved their belongings.
  • Coach at the exit will ensure that the gymnast sees their guardian before being allowed to exit.
  • Gymnasts who do not see their guardian will be directed where to stand in the lobby to wait until their guardian arrives.
  • Please do not linger around the facility to talk and chat with the other parents.

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